4 Jun

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 Recently underachieving by co-writing MILDRED PIERCE with someone named TODD HAYNES, and then putting out the novel RAIN DRAGON, our Master of Ceremonies will be the bodacious and talented, JON RAYMOND. Dean Martin? More like Dreamy Martin.

WITH PERFORMANCES from 2 to 12 minutes long from…

 STEVE ALMOND is the author of ten books of fiction and non-fiction, three of which he published himself, because he is sad and masochistic. His memoir CANDYFREAK was a New York Times Bestseller and pretty made him a laughingstock among serious writers. His short stories have appeared in the Best American and Pushcart anthologies. His most recent collection, GOD BLESS AMERICA, was short-listed for The Story Prize and sold, like, five copies. His journalism has appeared in the New York Times Magazine, GQ, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and other big deal places. La-di-da! He also tweets. But only in Portalnd. And only out of his butt.

 As a quadruple threat, VIVA LAS VEGAS, is a STRIPPER + AUTHOR + MUSICIAN + ACTRESS and that equals brain and body stimulation to the nth degree. For this show she’ll be gracing us with her stripped down Emmylou Harris-esque vocal tones, both by singing as PAULS TOUTONGHI reads, and with some of her own songs. Viva also enjoys patriotic popsicles.

 When he runs his fingers through his bangs everyone swoons for the director of SIX DAYS TO AIR: The Making of South Park,  ARTHUR BRADFORD. He’ll tell the story — interspersed with footage — of one the heart-breakingly funny subjects of a documentary he wrote and directed. He’ll also be tall, and make you feel like it’s all for you, baby.

 You adore this red head as the hilarious, feisty, and whip smart host of LIVE WIRE! RADIO, and as the writer/director of the fantabulous short, STELLA’S FLIGHT….MS. COURTENAY HAMEISTER Hameister will read in tandem with Almond, creating enough juice-y power  to light the Red Light District and set  your loins ablaze.

 If you like to be hypnotized by a masterful handling of the English language and ice blue eyes — then the author of  RED WEATHER and soon-to-be released EVEL KNIEVEL DAYS, PAULS TOUTONGHIwill fulfill all your grammar fantasies. He will be reading a passage from the aforementioned EVEL book, as VIVA LAS VEGAS accompanies him with song.

 Via deftly written poetry these two hawt charmers proffer the kind of humor that nibbles your eyelashes and relocates your tiny bones. SARAH BARTLETT + EMILY KENDAL FREY co-authored BABY ON THE SAFE SIDE, and Bartlett also co-authored a MULE-SHAPED CLOUD. FREY authored the award-winning poetry collection, THE GRIEF PERFORMANCE. They’ll be reading from their BABY book in tandem. They are on a rampage to put an end to funerial poetry readings — make some noise y’all!

 At the last two E4P’s you witnessed your own murder as the incomparable JULIA KOBOS slayed you with her hilarious songs, so we had to bring her back to perform a brand new song! Kobos performed in Chicago with Second City, IO, and The Annoyance Theater + Participated in the 2011 Chicago Improv Festival and the 2009 Del Close Marathon in NY. You should probably be fully stretched out before she sings.

 He has MORTIFIED you on several occasions regaling tales of his youth from his haungtingly well-written summers spent in Italy…he’s GREG GASPERIN.  Your body will quiver like jelly on a bus seat as you behold this cat-loving young man lay down a brand new bittersweet and hilarious piece he put together just for this show.

 A regular at E4P, MR.  JASON ROUSE will steal your heart with a brand new video with pal and collaborator B. FRAYN MASTERS. Rouse writes for LIVE WIRE! RADIO, stars in the band CAKE’s MOUSTACHE MAN video, and is a member of the popular sketch group SWEAT. When his hair is slicked back, you can hear doves cry.

 As the snazzy producer of E4P and also a regular performer, B. FRAYN MASTERS will saw into your mind with a brand new video with pal and collaborator JASON ROUSE. Master’s is the Host of the storytelling series Back Fence PDX, and was once voted Audience Favorite in an air guitar contest. Something on her body was removed while under sedation.



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